Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Glee Gum April Giveaway!

It has been a pleasure to be introduced to the products offered by the folks at Glee Gum.   They produce six assorted flavors of all natural chewing gum.  They use no artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, sweeteners or preservatives.  It is also gluten free.  They are produced from naturally sustainable chicle which is harvest in the rain forests.

The gum comes to the consumer in a variety of packages.  They have their standard boxes which contain 18 pieces per box, mini packages which contain 4 pieces of gum, 1 oz boxes of "Wee Glee" loose gum as well as 1 pound packages for the gum chewer in the family.

I have been enjoying the opportunity to get to know the products.  My personal favorite flavor has been the Tangerine.  It is a nice subtle flavor that lasts.  It does not have the sugary sweetness that some of the candy chewing gums can sometimes have.  With the more natural flavor, it seemed to me a more lasting flavor that had a very nice texture as well.  Other flavors that are available are Triple Berry, Bubblegum, Spearmint, Peppermint and Cinnamon.

If you enjoy a good chewing gum with lasting flavor as well as a nice texture, look for Glee Gum in a store near you.  They also offer an online store to make sure that you can get all of the gum that you'd like delivered right to your front door.  Tell them that we sent you!

Along with the products that they sent for us to enjoy, they have graciously agreed to let our readers enjoy some as well.  They have generously agreed to provide Three packs of Glee Gum in the flavor of your choice and a coupon to three different winners to try Glee Gum.  Due to shipping restrictions, the winner of the giveaway must be a resident of the continental United States.

How to Enter:

We are providing a variety of ways to enter.  Below you will find a list of opportunities to earn an entry into the random drawing.  Entries must be received by us as a comment to this posting and the winning entry will be verified for accuracy.  The possibilities of entries is virtually limitless.  The cutoff for entries will be 12:01 am CST on May 1, 2011.

How to earn an entry into the drawing:

Comment on Dad’s Roadhouse Blog – 1 entry
Comment on Glee Gum Blog – 1 entry – post the name of the person who commented on the Glee Gum Blog just prior to your entry back on Dad’s Roadhouse Blog 1 additional entry
Post 1 of the 23 steps to make Glee gum on Dad’s Roadhouse Blog (no duplicates) - 1 entry per person

Like Dad’s Roadhouse on Facebook and leave a comment regarding Glee Gum – 1 entry

Like Glee Gum on Facebook and leave a comment regarding the giveaway – 1 entry

Follow Dad’s Roadhouse Blog and leave a comment – 1 entry

Refer a friend to Dad’s Roadhouse on Facebook and they leave your name in a comment – 1 entry each

Refer a friend to Glee Gum on Facebook and they leave a comment containing your name and mention the giveaway – 1 entry each

Follow  Dad’s Roadhouse on Twitter and tweet about the giveaway and leave a comment about it on Dad’s Roadhouse Blog – 1 entry

Follow Glee Gum on Twitter and tweet about the giveaway.  Post the tweet as a comment in Dad’s Roadhouse Blog – 1 entry

Post a link to this Giveaway on another website and post the link on Dad’s Roadhouse Blog as a comment – 1 entry  (the referrals from the site can mention your name in their comment to gain you additional entries)

Have fun and enjoy Glee Gum!