Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A blog post about wineries

Anytime I read about a local winery or wine region, I think of how much fun it is to visit and sample local wines. We are suckers for wineries when we travel. It is a great opportunity to bring back a vacation souvenir when you travel and remember the trip when you enjoy the bottle back at home.

We often visit a region in Southwest Michigan which lies right next to Lake Michigan. There are several local wineries with locally grown grapes that put out some pretty nice wine. If you ever are in the area, the wineries near the Red Arrow Highway are worth some attention. St. Julian is a particular favorite of ours, but there are plenty to choose from. Each has their own style. Some will even sell grapes for wine making in the fall.


  1. Oh, yea...And the ones in upstate New York weren't bad either.

  2. Wineries in Michigan? I never knew! Thanks for posting about this, we will definitely look into it for a future trip.