Saturday, September 12, 2009

Salsa or not?

For many years, we have enjoyed salsa in numerous styles. Homemade, fresh, gourmet, etc. It may have peppers or fruit, be hot, medium or mild, even corn or beans. Whatever the variety it was salsa, it must be good. Or so it seemed.

Recently, a relative brought us some salsa as she knew we like salsa. There were 2 types and both were from large, conglomerate type companies.

We took them on a weekend camping trip. When we tried them, we realized how tasteless they were. In very short order we decided that plain chips were better than eating the salsas.

The good news is that we used the remaining salsa in the rice cooker and made what was almost like Spanish rice. We also remembered that sometimes bigger companies just don't compete on quality.


  1. Totally agreed! My salsa taste buds grew up along the way!

  2. hi larry you are my winner!!! please get ahold of me with your address, thanks! pam