Wednesday, May 12, 2010

5 Amigos Cornbread

Over the past weekend, we were out camping.  I had the opportunity to get out the Dutch Oven and make something good.  After taking a few minutes to clean and oil the pan for the season, I decided to make 5 Amigos Cornbread.

I started the charcoal so it would be ready when the bread was mixed.  Nest was making the batter.  I used a simple cornbread mix - just add water.  Choose your favorite brand.  Mine cost $.058 per package.  I doubled the recipe so we would have more to enjoy.  Next, I added 3/4 cup of 5 Amigos Salsa.   When the batter was mixed, I carefully poured it into the Dutch Oven and headed out to get the coals set up.

I placed about 9 of the charcoals on the ground to heat the bottom.  After placing the Dutch Oven on the coals, I placed about 15 coals on the top of the pot.  Then came the hard part.  Time to wait. 

It cooked for about 40 minutes before we declared it done.   Promptly removing the bread keeps it from continuing to bake.  Let it cool and slice into wedges.  Serve with butter.