Thursday, September 30, 2010

Covered Bridge Festival Here We Come!

Old Mansfield Village in Park County Indiana will be home to Dad's Roadhouse from October 8 - 17 during the 54th annual Covered Bridge Festival. The event brings in over 2 million visitors annually to visit the historic covered bridges, dine on fabulous foods and shop, shop, shop. Our family has visited the Covered Bridge Festival on two other occasions. We enjoyed beautiful fall weekends in the country. One covered bridge is fondly know by our family as "Jackson Bricks" which was Jonathan's way of saying bridge when he was only 2! We hope this year will bring more beautiful weather and fond memories.

Please track us down if your travels take you near Old Mansfield Village in an area known as Mansfield Terrace during the Covered Bridge Festival. Mansfield Terrace is located just 50 yards from the Mansfield Covered Bridge which is open to foot traffic during the Festival and is the only connection with both sides of Raccoon Creek. It is estimated that nearly 100 thousand people cross the bridge each day. Mansfield Terrace is located in the very center of Old Mansfield Village and overlooks the Mansfield General Store (built in 1830), the Old Mansfield Village Food Center and the Mansfield Civic Center and Annex.

We will be sampling your favorite Dad's Roadhouse products as well as introducing our new butters - Peach, Pumpkin, Apple and Sweet Potato with Pecan. We hope to see you there!

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