Tuesday, March 15, 2011

BBQ Chicken Breasts with Grilled Pineapple

Last night, we had the opportunity to light up the BBQ Grill.  In Illinois, the first few times you can actually stand outside and cook as opposed to lighting the grill and running back inside to avoid frostbite are always the best meals of the season.  Two reasons I find this true are that your anticipation on the taste buds is at a really high level.  Second, you have had all winter to wait to try new things.

Last night was no exception to either of those.  Last October, we met a couple of guys, Steve and Josh, who produce some mighty fine BBQ sauce.  They have a company in Columbia City, Indiana named Masters Hand BBQ, LLC and make a couple of different sauces. 

We got the chance to try their original recipe "A Taste of Heaven" on our chicken breasts.  It was a nice mild sauce that we added very late in the cooking process.  It was thick enough to be brushed on without difficulty of spilling and stayed on the breasts very well.  The flavor was sweet and just the hint of a tang.  Very mile and enjoyable indeed.

We paired it with some grilled pineapple rings and a rice pilaf for a nice light meal.  The pineapple was dusted with cinnamon and applied directly to the grates.  Cooked pineapple has an entirely different flavor.  Try it sometime.

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  1. Hey Larry, The Chicken looks great and the pineapple I am sure really set it off. Thanks for the kind words and for the plug on the BBQ sauce. Hope all is going well. Steve