Thursday, June 17, 2010

June 19th is National Dry Martini Day

This Saturday is National Dry Martini Day.  While a dry martini is simple to make. 

1 2/3 oz gin
1/3 oz dy vermouth
It has become the garnish that has become as much of a decision as what type of gin to use.  The classic garnish is a cocktail olive or a green olive, but what happens when you add stuffed green olives to the mix.  There are varieties of things you can use to stuff an olive with.  Some of them include Bleu Cheese, hot peppers such as habanero or jalapenos, garlic cloves, or nuts such as almonds.  Each of these add a unique flavor to the martini and change the taste. 
For a dirty martini, try adding some of the brine the olives are packed in to the cocktail.  If the olives have been packed in the brine or have set for sufficient time, the brine wil have the flavors of the olives and what they were packed in.  This is especially true for the hot pepper stuffed olives. 
Don't be afraid to experiment and enjoy.

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