Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What's Cookin' Wednesday

This week at What's Cookin' Wednesday finds us planning to try out some new-to-us veggies - Patty Pan Squash and Tomatillos. The squash was picked up at yesterday's Farmers Market in Manhattan, Il and the tomatillos were a generous gift from a local farmer.

I did a quick search on Patty Pan Squash and learned that it is a summer squash variety and known by numersous other names including Scalloped Squash. It is rich in Vitamins C and A and in folic acid. A cup of cooked squash in only 30 calories. I appears that this squash is versatile and is great roasted, steamed, grilled, stuffed, you name it! We will be grilling ours with a little bit of flavored olive oil.

I think the Tomatillos will be made into a salsa being combined with some organic hot peppers. If you have a tomatillo recipe you would like to share, please leave us a comment.

We love the summer and the abundance and variety of fresh veggies. We are overflowing with sweet corn, heirloom tomatoes, leaf lettuce, peppers of all sorts and basil. These will go perfectly with grilled T-bone steak and grilled swordfish steaks.

So What's Cookin' at your house this week? We would love to hear!

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