Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Glühwein - Pronounced Glow Wine

We discovered this wine a few years back while we were attending an outdoor Christmas Market in Chicago's Daley Plaza.  While I am not wure if this is the exact recipe for that drink, I do know it is an excellent way to take the chill out of a cold day.  It smells wonderful as it warms and tases wonderful as it goes down.

Hot Mulled Wine (Glühwein, "glow wine")

Ingredients (serves 2-3 persons)

•1 bottle of dry red wine (750 ml)

•one lemon

•2 sticks of cinnamon

•3 cloves

•3 tablespoons of sugar

•some cardamom (or ginger)


Heat the red wine in a pot (don't boil). Cut the lemon into slices and add to the wine. Then add the cinnamon, cloves, sugar and a little cardamom (to taste). Heat everything for about 5 minutes - do not boil - and let stand for about an hour. Before serving, reheat and strain. Serve in prewarmed glasses or mugs.

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